ear visitor, this is an internet site dedicated to the old city of Xanthi. The old city is one of the biggest traditional settlements of Greece which has the speciality to exhibit mixed traditional Greek, European and Oriental architectural features. This site hosts a very interesting 3D reconstruction of a small part of this old settlement, implemented using VRML (so a VRML viewer is required), a lot of pictures and a brief history of the city (currently only in Greek). The English version of the site is still under construction.

In order to view the pictures or the 3D reconstruction please follow the links bellow.

Photo Gallery               3D Reconstruction

Be sure that you are using a VRML viewer. In order to do so, please click the 3D"greek_word" button on top menu. Then if you are able to see a spinning cube you can enter the 3D reconstruction by clicking the greek word under the spinning cube. Otherwise please download a VRML viewer by following the links (logos) at the bottom of the test page.
Design and Implementation:
Fotis Arnaoutoglou
BSc in Computer Studies
Dr. Anestis Koutsoudis
BSc in Computer Studies
MSc in Multimedia Technology
Phd,Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace